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Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge

Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge
Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge
Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge

Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge

SHINWA BLACK KNIGHT 3-PIECE SWORD SET - HANDMADE KATANA, WAKIZASHI, TANTO; WOODEN DISPLAY STAND - HAND FORGED BLACK DAMASCUS STEEL; RAZOR SHARP, FULL TANG - FAUX RAY SKIN; DRAGON TSUBA - BATTLE READY. + Deluxe Sword Stand and Sharpening Stone. What's more powerful and hauntingly beautiful than a hand forged black Damascus steel blade?

Alluringly dark sword set demands attention on display, demands respect on the battlefield. Set includes three matching handcrafted swords: the original "Black Knight" Katana (28" blade, 40" overall), wakizashi (21" blade, 31" overall), and tanto (13" blade, 22" overall). Full tang black Damascus steel blades, all hand forged by Shinwa's master swordsmiths using proven, centuries-old techniques; each blade boasts more than 1,000 distinct layers. Innovative, exclusive process puts black in black Damascus - result is blade with brooding dark beauty without equal.

Tsukas wrapped in faux ray skin, classic black ito; offset by brilliant brass dragon menuki; traditional wooden mekugi. Unique, flawlessly cast tsuba features breathtaking relief design that depicts menacing dragon in extraordinary detail.

Embolden any space with a "touch of black" - handsome wooden stand (included) allows for dramatic display, ideal storage; each sword includes hand lacquered hardwood saya, fabric sword sleeves. Shinwas 3-Piece Black Knight Sword set represents the haunting beauty and untamed dark savagery of the acclaimed Black Knight Katana, multiplied threefold. Whether you need a powerful, imposing weapon for open battle, an easily concealed yet deadly blade for a stealthy black ops mission or a versatile medium, this incredible sword trio has you covered. It includes the original sword fan favorite the Black Knight Katana, accompanied by matching wakizashi and tanto, all perched on handsome wooden display stand.

Yet thanks to Shinwas world-renowned knack for maximizing value, you can have all three swords plus display stand and silk dust covers delivered to your door for considerably less than youd pay for a single similar sword from another sword maker. But make no mistake; similar is a relative term, as the Black Knights are undeniably unique modern legends of traditional Japanese swordcraft without equal. The legend begins with the storied Black Knight Katana.

The "Black Knight" of lore, embodied in a fierce hand forged katana. Shadowy and mysterious, yet clearly capable, Shinwas Black Knight Katana embodies the fabled dark- or black knight of lore a rogue warrior loyal to no warlord or king, who fights only for himself and his own cryptic, deviant-yet-noble principles. Indeed, the Black Knight Katana slashes to the beat of its own drum. And despite its grim hues, the Black Knight is nothing if not vibrant and alluring; its teeming with distinctive appointments and captivating accents a true masterwork of contemporary sword design.

But behind this stylishly unsettling façade lurks a downright frightening beast a formidable tanto blade hand forged from black Damascus steel. Open your mind to dark-yet-thrilling new bladecraft possibilities. More than muscle, the capable full tang blade is the veritable dark soul of the Black Knight, and no less than hand forged bladecraft at its height. It slices effortlessly through even the most challenging materials, retaining its fine edge through even the most brutal trials. Breathtaking, downright bewitching and truly unique, the blades beauty is every bit as keen as the carefully honed, razor sharp edge.

It pierces the depths of your imagination - opening it to wondrous new metallurgical possibilities, while slashing apart all your preconceived notions of what makes Damascus steel, Damascus steel. Shinwa looks to the past, yet "forges" ahead with its own modern innovations. The Black Knights distinctive black Damascus steel is a tumultuous sea of contrasting lines, waves, swirls and other mesmerizing patterns, all cloaked in a shadowy dark hue. Each line is a distinct variety of steel, hammer welded and hand folded repeatedly to yield the thousands of layers in each Black Knight blade.

The unique metalsmithing techniques roots stretch back to the Middle Ages, and today its still painstakingly performed by seasoned hands no automation, no mechanization. To make each Black Knight blade, a Shinwa master swordsmith fires a stack of steel blanks - each piece a different alloy - in a white-hot forge until the metal glows red hot. He then removes the stack and hammers it until its around half as thick as the original. Then he folds the metal onto itself lengthwise and hammers each half together. The process is meticulously repeated hundreds of times in some cases until the desired layering effect is achieved, at which point a final quenching strengthens the resulting blade, while an acid treatment highlights vivid contrasts in the layers. And the slow, laborious process itself it just the beginning!

Unique allure only a seasoned swordsmith could produce. In order to achieve sufficiently dramatic contrasts, Shinwas master smiths must expertly select an appropriate combination of steel alloys of varying color, luminescence and other visual qualities. For the sake of strength, resilience and countless additional blade factors, the smiths must also must consider each alloys distinct melting point, proper stacking order, forge temperature and myriad other variables.

Simply put, an unbelievable quantity of blood, sweat and tears goes into every Black Knight blade. As if that werent enough, Shinwa adds its own innovative modern twist to the Black Knight blade - an exclusive, closely guarded secret process that imparts that sinister dark veil; putting the black in black Damascus, so to speak. Rich amber lines swirl over a deep black void like trails of blood flowing down a blackwater river. And of all the worlds swords, Shinwas Black Knight is one of a relative few to feature it.

Furthermore, like a steel snowflake or fingerprint, the patterning on no two Black Knight blades are exactly alike. A dark sword that shines brighter than the rest. Knights in shimmering armor are a dime a dozen, as are ordinary swords. Even the most sumptuously adorned carbon steel examples cant match the shadowy allure of Shinwas Black Knight Katana.

Like a seaside lighthouse in photonegative, the deep, dark Black Knight is a brilliant shining beacon of originality and inventiveness in a sea of ordinary, uninspired swords. And many have answered the call, as the Black Knight commands a substantial following of devoted fans.

This should come as no surprise - the Black Knight has proven itself time and again, and it holds its own against far more expensive katana, outperforming many. But the old cliché is true - "action" does indeed "speak louder than words, " and at this unbeatable, downright unheard-of price, why deny yourself the opportunity to experience the ever-impressive Black Knight Katana for yourself? No matter how you use it, with proper care you can enjoy it for a lifetime, then pass it down to your children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren! The Black Knight is heirloom-quality and built to be treasured by generations of your descendants - your legacy preserved in hand forged black Damascus steel. Amazing quality for the price.

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  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel
  • Edge: Single
  • Color: Black
  • Tang: Full

Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel Sharp Ninja Sword Set Wakizashi tanto gift edge